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**Welcome to M Delivers** California's 1st legal delivery service! On the cutting edge and leading the industry into a better tomorrow. We provide Mail Order Service for our patients that are outside our delivery area. Please visit www.MDelivers.com for Details and to order from our Online Menu. . Ask to be added to our Text Specials List for Insider Text Only Specials! 1-2 per week. 10% Off For Veteran, Disabled (with State paperwork) and Seniors (over 60) Donate for 3 and get the 4th 8th FREE every day (lowest 8th is free) Refer a friend and get a FREE gram! . Early Bird Special - 20% Off 50+! From open till 3pm. 7 Days a Week! - Must accept first available delivery at time of call. Special orders and appointments are not eligible. **Dividend Reward Points** We kept it simple! Get 4 points back for every dollar spent. Points - Dividend/Reward 750 - Big Fatty PreRoll 750 - Hash Bullet 1000 - 2g House Mix 1250 - Brass Monkey Nug Run Crumble 1600 - $25 Off Any $43 or $47 8th 1850 - Free $20 gram AND 2g House Mix 2250 - Choose Any Cartridge FREE 2250 - Any 1g DabFace Bucket 3000 - Any 500mg Korova 3500 - Free $43 8th 3750 - Free $47 8th 4250 - Free $55 8th . Points are non-transferable, have no cash value, and cannot be redeemed on deliveries where points are earned. Must meet the $40 minimum for delivery to redeem points. Refunds for point rewards will only be given in points and are subject to manager approval. Maximum 2 Reward redemption's per order. Reward menu is subject to change at the sole discretion of M Delivers. . Don't miss out on the insider deals and info! Look for FollowMDelivers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. . Let M Delivers show you a whole new world in Professional Delivery! . Be sure to let your Driver know about any coupons or specials you have at time of delivery. Can not combine Major Specials and most are Limit 1. Your Budtender will gladly answer any questions you have. . 100% Licensed and Legal Dispensary, Don't Settle for Less! By using a licensed delivery or dispensary you make this movement even stronger. Being at the forefront of the MMJ movement, our dedication is to our patients and providing safe, reliable service you can count on to Deliver each and every time. . In compliance with our license we charge local sales tax but adjust our prices to help you save. . We are excited to tell you a little bit about our service, because we operate differently than most other deliveries, and we know you're going to love it! . Our Delivery You don't have to pre-order, but instead get to chose whatever you decide in person like at a store! We bring you an awesome range of products in a custom display so you get the chance to actually see and pick the products you want before buying. . We bring the Store, to your Door! . The Best Products; Our display is fully stocked with a carefully chosen selection of the best value products on the market: We literally bring you a well crafted mobile dispensary. These are products we have researched and evaluated with the help of feedback and input from our Patients and Budtenders. . Better Budtenders: Our delivery drivers are well trained and experienced Budtenders. Our team can help with any questions you have about our products, and can offer input and guidance to help you chose the right medicine. . Your Privacy and Security Our custom display fits discreetly inside a pizza bag to look like we are just delivering pizza- Your delivery will be kept private from your neighbors. One thing to note is that we need to have the delivery take place indoors, for your privacy and safety. . Pre -Schedule Your Deliver and we will be at your door On Time! - ONLY at "M" Delivers Our deliveries are scheduled in the same way you would call to make a reservation at a restaurant, except we bring the service to you! Sometimes we can even have a driver to your door in as soon as 30 minutes. But just as if you went to any top restaurant or store, our peak times on busy nights can lead to much longer waits- It all just depends on how many others have ordered ahead of you. We also offer clients the ability to pre-schedule appointment for later in the day, or on another day. . Minimum $40: We are an all cash collective and require a minimum donation of $40 per delivery (there is a delivery fee of $10 added to any order under $40). Tipping is not mandatory, but is definitely appreciated- Our Budtenders do their best to reach you quickly, and to offer good advice about the best products for you. . "M" Delivers is a non-profit Collective that offers only the finest, organic, top grade medical cannabis to our patients. All Medical Marijuana patients are required to have a valid recommendation from a doctor pursuant to Prop 215, and a valid California State ID. Our member growers are the best and produce only the highest quality medical marijuana under precisely controlled and monitored environments. We operate in strict accordance with the CA Attorney General's guidelines, California Prop. 215 and Senate Bill 420 H&S 11362.5. -We promise to serve our patients as honest and compassionate ambassadors of the medical marijuana community.

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Welcome to M Mail and Online Order Menu available at: www.MDelivers.com New Patients: FREE $15 FireFly Cone on 1st delivery! Reward Point System! -See Details Page for info Email and Text Deals Licensed, Legal, Safe We bring the Store, to Your Door!


Early Bird - 20% Off 50+ till 3pm! No Combo M Daily Deals: Monday- ALL Concentrates 10% Off Tuesday– 10% Off All Edibles Wednesday– $15 Off any $75+ Thursday– All Cartridges 10% Off Friday- $18g with $40+ Saturday–10% Off All Flower Sunday- 2g Mix with $40+

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