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WELCOME TO UPSCALE COLLECTIVE DELIVERY SERVICE. A FULLY COMPLIANT MEDICAL MARIJUANA DELIVERY COLLECTIVE, DELIVERING MEDICAL CANNABIS TO PATIENTS IN LOS ANGELES,CA GIVE US A CALL AND WE WOULD LOVE TO ASSIST YOU WITH FINDING YOUR MEDICAL MARIJUANA NEEDS. UPSCALE COLLECTIVE DELIVERY SERVICE: SPECIALIZING IN HOMEBOUND PATIENTS AND THE ELDERLY UPSCALE COLLECTIVE is a non-profit Association specializing in providing medicinal cannabis services to Members who require in-home care. Our staff members are trained and are STATE REGISTERED health care providers Because our members are home bound due to illness or other reasons, and must rely on cannabis for medicinal use, Upscale Collective strives to bring our members the highest quality of medical cannabis. Because Upscale Collective members cultivate medicine exclusively for Upscale Collective members, the Association is able to provide medicinal cannabis directly at compassionate and affordable prices. Using member feedback, Upscale Collective continues to develop information that helps to provide the medicine that has the best therapeutic benefit for a specific illness or symptom like nausea. Upscale Collective provides safe access and uses Patients Verification System for patient date to insure the highest level of data base security Patient Verification is the same patient data used by California physicians for their medical records. Safe Use Orientation is offered to patients who may not be familiar with strain selection, dosages and methods of ingestion. The California State Board of Equalization has determined that medicinal cannabis is subject to sales tax. All medicinal products that are no dispensed through a licensed pharmacy are subject to sales tax. The Upscale Collective Sales Tax Permit # is 84-4033128 HOW TO BECOME AN UPSCALE CCOLLECTIVE MEMBER? Membership is available to qualified patients who reside in the county of Los Angeles. To become a member, a California ID and a current Physician

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