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Urban Farmer is a Missoula Medical Marijuana Delivery Service Urban Farmer’s delivery team connects Missoula medical marijuana patients with pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis and individualized patient care. Their delivery menu features a diverse array of marijuana choices, crafted by Urban Farmer’s top-quality grow center to yield lasting relief for a wide variety of patient needs and lifestyles History: Urban Farmer’s founding team spent many years working with patients and helping them achieve lasting relief through medical cannabis. Before Montana’s shifting regulatory landscape, the pair loved teaching people about how marijuana could improve their quality of life. When Urban Farmer’s founders had to close their first shop, they went their separate ways to Colorado and Oregon to learn everything they could about the more established cannabis markets. When Montana’s voter initiative passed and returned medical marijuana to suffering patients, Urban Farmer’s founding team knew it was time to come home. Urban Farmer brings experience and knowledge to provide Missoula homebound patients with a professional and compassionate delivery option to access their cannabis. Products: The growing team at Urban Farmer won their first award, the Missoula’s Choice Award for best medical marijuana, back in 2011 and they haven’t looked back since. Urban Farmer employs the industry’s latest growing processes to yield dozens of flower strains, edibles, concentrates, and more for their Missoula delivery patients. Their team specializes in flower, with cultivars such as Presidential OG, J1, and Cherry Pie among the Urban Farmer’s favorites. Soon their delivery menu will feature CO2-oil vape cartridges for easy-to-use, discreet cannabis medicating. Urban Farmer submits all medical marijuana products to Fidelity Diagnostics to test for cleanliness, purity, and potency. Process: Urban Farmer sets up their delivery program with patients on a case-by-case basis, customizing the delivery experience to suit each person’s needs. New patients simply call Urban Farmer, and a delivery driver will travel to their location to complete all necessary paperwork. First-time orders receive $100 in store credit after sign-up, and seniors 65+ and veterans receive 10% off with every purchase. Urban Farmer’s Missoula delivery does not require a minimum purchase order and attaches a $2 delivery fee to cover travel expenses. Deliveries complete in no less than 24 hours. Service Locations: The delivery team at Urban Farmer travels within Missoula limits to homebound patients in need of their cannabis care. Residents in Rose Park, Orchard Homes, Northside, and Moose Can Gully can order Urban Farmer’s medical marijuana products. Their delivery team travels to East Missoula, Westside, Lower Rattlesnake and Westview Park with speedy and compassionate professionalism. Across Missoula, Urban Farmer helps homebound patients who cannot visit their dispensary still have access to quality, consistent cannabis care. Location Information: Missoula is located in Western Montana, founded in the shadows of Mount Sentinel and Mount Jumbo. A large M on the city’s hillside commemorates the University of Montana-Missoula Campus in the city’s center. Caras Park and the K Williams Natural Trail Area offer hiking trails and riverside views of the Clark Fork River. Visitors can explore contemporary and international exhibits of art at the Missoula Art Museum, while Fort Missoula’s Historical Museum showcases the area’s local history, historical buildings, and structural restorations.

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