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About In Good Health

In Good Health is an Ayer Medical Marijuana Delivery Service In Good Health is proud to introduce their new, patient-centric medical marijuana delivery program, capable of connecting suffering Ayer and Massachusetts patients with high-quality cannabis for medical use. Safe, efficient and discreet, In Good Health strives to offer their expertly crafted medical marijuana and products to homebound or distant patients across the state. In Good Health began their service in medical marijuana as a dispensary, one of the first licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Health in 2014. With years of experience creating cannabis treatments and serving their dispensary patients, they realized many individuals who suffered severe conditions could not make the journey to their Brockton facility for a variety of reasons. They partnered with the Department of Health, and in April 2017, they released a cannabis delivery service to help bring about an end to the suffering of medical marijuana patients in Ayer and beyond. Process: Per Massachusetts regulations, In Good Health’s delivery program emphasizes patient privacy, convenience, and safety. Each order is accompanied by two delivery drivers, using a GPS-tracked vehicle fitted with video surveillance and radio contact with their dispensary. In Good Health patients may order their medical cannabis through their website and are required to provide their ID and medical marijuana card upon delivery arrival. The qualifying patient must be able to accept the delivery holding these documents, or the delivery cannot be completed. Orders require a $30-75 delivery charge that changes depending on the patient’s distance from In Good Health’s Brockton location. Service Locations: While their delivery is based in Brockton, Massachusetts, In Good Health transports their medical marijuana goods to suffering patients in Ayer and across the state. Their cannabis delivery services are accessible from throughout the Ayer, Devens, Shirley, Littleton Harvard, Westford, and Groton regions. Their compassionate drivers will also travel to Acton, Concord, Lancaster, Clinton, Leominster, Lunenburg, Fitchburg, and Westminster. Location Information: Ayer lies in Middlesex County, located in northern Massachusetts and a major hub for commercial railroad activity. Ayer is home to the Flannagan Pond, Sandy Pond, and Grove Pond, while its western border lies along the Nashua River and Groton Town Forest. The Shaker Hills Country Club offers full golfing fields and a restaurant, and the Billiards Cafe is a favorite pool hall located in Ayer’s center. From the Oak Hill Conservation Site to the Ayer train station, In Good Health is thrilled to offer compassionate cannabis delivery to their Ayer patients.

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