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THE FINEST COOPERATIVE IN THE REGION - OUR EXCLUSIVE BRAND, "The House Collection" (Thc.) ARE THE MOST SCIENTIFICALLY PRODUCED HIGH-POTENCY CANNABIS MEDICINES IN CALIFORNIA. CHOSEN FOR THE HUGE RANGE OF EFFECTS THEY PRODUCE. DISCOUNTS FOR SENIORS, VETERANS, REFERRALS, AND NEW MEMBERS. Our counselors have access to an extensive range of cutting-edge cannabis research, providing you with a deeper understanding of the cannabis plant beyond its basic THC or cannabinoid content. As your relationship with Abatin grows, your counselor will help you fine-tune your choice of cannabis medicine, enabling you to learn which cannabis strains are most effective for you. Abatin oversees the most comprehensive and informed cannabis quality testing program in California, assaying the cannabinoid and essential oils composition of your medicines, while ensuring that they are free of pesticide residues, pathogenic molds and bacteria. At Abatin, we ring test our medical cannabis products with multiple laboratories to confirm purity and potency. Abatin's team of chemists, botanists, researchers, and scientists are currently embarking on an innovative program to better understand the cannabis plant and its preparations so that we may develop the next generation of cannabis medicines and delivery methods for you. All reimbursements to the cooperative for the cooperative's cultivation expenses and facility overhead are subject to Sacramento City MMJ Tax and California State Sales Tax. Always update your physician concerning your use of cannabis as a medicine.

First timers

Free gift for first time patients and free gift for referrals. This is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary. Please note, we are cash only and our listed reimbursement rates do not include tax. The tax rate on dispensaries within city limits is 12.25%


*Abatin will close at 6pm on Monday, June 19th! Upcoming June Demos: 9th: Marley Natural 3-6pm 10th: Abatin 6th Anniversary Party! 17th: Olive Oil 12-3pm 22nd: Legion of Bloom 4-7pm 24th: Wonder Wax

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so many stems and seeds, shitty brown color and it has a fcked up smell. plus the prices are so high i can't imagine who would pay that much for the mediocre weed they are selling... no thanks.
Super professional staff eager to providing best information and strains that suit our needs and health condition. Thanks a lot

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