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Special pricing is our EVERYDAY pricing here at The Green Heart Collective! We have specials every single day of the week! So if your looking for Flowers, Shatters, Crumble, Rosins and our finest line of Edibles then come down to The Green Heart Collective today! We will also price match if you find a better price just let us know. Get a FREE GIFT with your new membership! :) ***DAILY SPECIALS*** $15 1/8TH'S! (Select Strains) Welcome to The Green Heart Collective, Northern California's medicinal cannabis leader! We are among the oldest and most knowledgeable medicinal cannabis dispensaries. We offer a top selection and variety of products related to medical cannabis. From fine flowers to medicated skin care, The Green Heart Collective has the best selection and great prices. Whole and total wellness starts with a knowledgeable and specialized staff, and we're here for YOU! Come in and see for yourself what we have to offer. Please refer to the for daily updates on our menu. Thank you!

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Special pricing is our EVERYDAY pricing here at The Green Heart Collective! Get a free gift with your new membership! :)


Hey Guys and Gals! We're excited to bring you a menu of what our collective has to offer, Make sure to stop in to see all the great stuff we carry at The Green Heart! Thank You to all of our members that make us the best last stop before Oregon!

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I've known some buddies of mine that used to work in a growing facility and they told me this spot was one of their clients so they claim they always get fresh buds and never let the quality of their supply slip. Only tried a couple strains but yeah, since I know a thing or two about herb I can honestly say this is really first hand bud they're sporting here so it seems like a place where you'll never encounter moldy weed or bs like that. Hope they keep it fresh in the long run aswell because we really need more quality oriented dispensaries on the market. Peace!
the prices cannot be beaten. love this place so much. variety is huge, easy location and always knowledgeable staff. keep it like that, you're so cool

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