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The Cannabis Wellness Center is a collective located along the Bay Area Peninsula in the peaceful, serene town of Pacifica, CA. Pacifica is a place where wonders never cease, whether there is fog, or sun, rain or shine, the true beauty of Pacifica blossoms through to the bay area. Hidden under fog, yet glistened by the ocean and sun, Pacifica is its own little haven, and The Cannabis Wellness Center is there to help it shine through. The Cannabis Wellness Center is a non-profit organization geared towards its members. This patient, member resource center provides a safe location for our community to gain access to knowledge and resources for their medicine. The CWC does NOT distribute medicine on site. Every day people walk into the Cannabis Wellness Center in search for something fundamental he or she has lost: the ability to heal and well themselves comfortably. Each loss is unique, and its treatment is equally unique. While not every loss can be helped, the good news is that we really can make a difference in most cases. We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of the Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) Industry because the "herb" can profoundly impact quality of life. That means providing not only the most technical of all medical cannabis (marijuana) resources, but the most satisfying patient-care experience, as well. Our goal is to offer uncompromising quality and service in providing medical cannabis resources in the best interest of the overall health and well-being of our fellow patient members. Our members are our most important asset and we want to extend our gratitude to all of those who have continued to support us. 2021 Palmetto Ave | Pacifica, CA 94044 | (650) 735-5031 | Yelp/Linked-In/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: CannabisWellnessCenter

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Why is organic important? Organic farmers don't use toxic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They use enriched soils, control pests by rotating crops, planting cover crops, releasing beneficial insects & other natural methods for quality assurance.

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there is a parking and they have so many meds to choose from, that's a kick ass dispensary. love it!!!Eric is so awesome and helpful, thank you so much.
I'm new in town and boy, this place was a pain to find... took me a couple trips around the block, I had no parking available at that time. Once inside things got better, nice vibes and smiles from the entire staff. I haven't tried the flower yet, I can't wait, the smell drives me crazy and it looks pretty dank aswell.

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