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About Compassionate Heart - Ukiah

Non-Profit Compassionate Care in the Heart of Mendocino County.

First timers

1 Free edible or 1 Joint for First-Time Patients Current Deals: Right Now, get Outdoor Ounces for $200 and Indoor Ounces for $300 $20 Grams of House Shatter!!! In Sour D and Sour Tangie!!!


We offer affordable care for any budget, including discounts to our community members via our Compassionate Care Program: 10% Off for Seniors (age 60+) 20% Off for Veterans

When you won't give a returning patient a preroll for 10 bucks I wouldn't call that compassionate more like Greedy Heart outta be the name honestly smh
Helpful and friendly staff, albeit a bit clumsy on the flower info. Thankfully I know my fav strains pretty well since I'm a seasoned user. Btw, do yourselves a favour and never buy pre-packaged weed never, from anywhere, never! Just do it, you'll thank me later ;)
The atmosphere, the staff, the buds, their selection...everything is awesome. Highly recommended

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