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About The Herbal Center - Broadway

Denver 18+ medical marijuana dispensary and wellness center, THC on South Broadway is a Boutique-Style dispensary offering only the finest cannabis products for the best prices in Denver, Colorado. Now Open for Recreational Sales!! (21+)

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Medical Member Pricing and Free Joint! Pre-Roll Joints 3 for $10 Member 1/8th $20 ($25 Non-Member) Member 1/4oz $35 ($40 Non-Member) Member 1/2oz $65 ($75 Non-Member) Member 1 oz. $125 ($135 Non-Member) Member 2 oz. $250 ($270 Non-Member) Tax Included


Members benefits include: Free 1/8th of your selection a month with purchase of 1/8th, cheaper concentrate and flower prices!! $100 Rainbow Ounces! All pricing includes tax on Medical Side! Recreational: 1/8ths $20, $100 Small Flower Ounces! (plus tax)

Schedule: Closed now

The staff are amazing people, i care about them and i respect them a lot, because they helped me a lot over the last years. Thanks buddies.
I'v been having those panic attacks which are really awful and scary.. tried their indica strains in the last months, which work amazing on my body and mind thanks guys
i love the bud selection they have and the fact that they are not trying to sell us crap!

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