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About Green Tree (Medicinals) of Boulder

We serve 21+ Recreational users and 18+ Medical patients! Stop by and check out our daily ounce specials! Multiple strains at $99/oz for members or $120/oz non-members, everyday, while supplies last. Grams starting at $5 for members and $7 for non-members. We offer loyalty points at all of our recreational locations. Get back 5% every day! WE REQUIRE A PAPER COPY OF ALL COUPONS! Phone coupons not accepted regardless of what this site says due to local regulations. Limit of two coupons per visit. Highly effective - all natural cannabis! We offer 30+ strains of top quality hand cultivated medical and recreational marijuana along with a huge selection of edibles and concentrates. *We sell Medical and Recreational product at all locations except Berthoud which is strictly medical. Green Tree is dedicated to providing safe, consistent, legal, and affordable access to quality medication. We are very passionate about the cause for Medical Marijuana. Alternative Medications, and legal access to recreational cannabis and we strive to improve the quality of life for our consumers. WE SELL CLONES!!! 48 Hour satisfaction guarantee! Hours: Mon-Wed 8:00-8:00, Thu-Sat 8:00-9:50, Sun 9:00-6:00 YES we are OPEN LATE! We accept all debit cards and credit cards except American Express. Pre-Rolled Joints $3.50 each (3 for $10) Medical --- $5 each (3 for $12) Recreational Full Gram Fatty's $6.00 each (4 for $20) Medical --- $8 each (3 for $21) Recreational We LOVE Primary Patients!! When you sign up: Receive a Free Joint, any Gram of flower, and a lighter! We offer a variety of packages for patients with extended plant counts: **Standard package for 6 plants: FREE EIGHTH (or equivalent) every month after sign-up. Always get 10% off all in-store purchases at ALL locations! **Other packages: Enhanced plants up to 25% off all in-store purchases at ALL locations and $120 credit every month. **We will work with you to develop a package that is tailored to your individual needs as a medical marijuana patient. Green Tree sells clones, making split care-giver ship a breeze. Patients are free to choose from our large selection of genetics. At Green Tree Medicinals, we want to make the process of selecting medication as simple as possible. We also believe that the patient should play an active role in their well being to better pinpoint what works BEST for them. Our knowledgeable staff will help you through this process of trial and success by offering information and resources on alternative practices as well as therapy options. We grow our product using only 100% natural soil.

First timers

First time patients receive a penny half gram doobie or 10% OFF Purchase. 15% OFF ANY PURCHASE WITH VALID STUDENT ID! $99 MEMBER MED OZs! $20 REC GRAMS FOR ALL WAX AND SHATTER!

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great selection, extremely friendly and helpful, professional staff, A++ their recommendations are based on my taste, thanks a lot
Bad joints and tenders seem to be very irritated and they don't have much of a knowledge about their meds plus quality is not as it used to be....sorry, you guys disappointed me, not returning
Wax prices a bit high, luckily the flower was top and it ballanced the purchase overall. I wish they'd have better budget products, this is CO not NY

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