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About Native Roots Dispensary Longmont - Medical

Native Roots is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Longmont The compassionate and patient focused team at Native Roots - Longmont work diligently to bring the best medical marijuana products while upholding their standard of excellence in customer service. From their collective Native Roots Apothecary to the extraction masters then to the shelves of their dispensary; Native Roots - Longmont is dedicated to connoisseurship, start to finish. Their budtenders are happy to help and greet each customer with a warm welcome, helping medical marijuana patients along every step of the way. The Aesthetics in Native Roots - Longmont are beautiful and inviting, patients feel comfortable and at ease in their dispensary. Native Roots - Longmont medical marijuana dispensary is working to change the perceptions and stigmas surrounding medical cannabis. Through Native Roots hard work and constant innovation, they have become part of shaping the cannabis community into a strong, healthy and proud group of people. Native Roots is ready to bring their help and expertise to both sides of the cannabis counter; medically and medicinally. Staff: Native Roots appreciates each of their team members that comprise the Native Roots family. Their Longmont budtenders are experts in the field of cannabis and are eager to show their customers all that Native Roots have to offer. Thanks to the extensive training Native Roots

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Welcome to Native Roots Longmont!! Take 10% off your whole order for your first visit. **Medical Only**

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I am a indica guy but their sativa selection is just awesome. Really enjoyed every single puff. Cheers
Mhhhhm this place is amazing. Lately i've been feeling so good, not having those horrible problems so i couldn't be more grateful and happy about that. Thanks a lot
Compared to the others dispensaries in town this one's got better quality stuff and the tenders are frendly aswell. Nothing but good vibes overall, looks like I should get my membership here.

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