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$25 Eighths - $ 180 Ounces - $80 Shake Ounces! 
Ounce Specials Daily 
Unlimited $ 5 - full gram shake/trim PreRolls 
Indigo Pro - The BEST Co2 Pens EVER are now available at 3D Cannabis Center Salida 
$ 200 Mix & Match Ounces - Choose from any $10 gram strains!! 
$25 Gram of Kayak Concentrate Shatter & Wax!

200 Mix & Match Ounces!!

$80 Shake Ounces!

3D Cannabis Center Salida is a Salida Recreational Medical Marijuana Dispensary 

3D Cannabis Center Salida is proud to continue providing friendly, professional customer service and high-quality marijuana products to their cannabis communities in the surrounding Salida neighborhoods. The Salida team is committed to the highest standard of customer care providing a personalized experience for each cannabis connoisseur. Operating for over 3 years, this prestigious recreational marijuana dispensary strives to continue catering to their cannabis clientele by providing only top-quality marijuana products. 

3D Cannabis Center Salida’s team is made of friendly, knowledgeable professionals with experience in the industry. This Salida recreational dispensary thoroughly trains their team on their menu items and vendors to properly assure their customers they are receiving accurate information. The knowledgeable dispensary team is prepared to address questions and make recommendations to help their Salida cannabis community collectively achieve wellness and is always available for follow-up questions by phone, email, or through any of their social media platforms. 

The extensive dispensary menu at this Salida recreational marijuana dispensary carries the largest collection of concentrates, edibles, and topicals in the community. Their finely extracted concentrates include shatters and waxes from Lab 710 and Kayak Concentrates, a Salida marijuana connoisseur favorite. They carry an exclusive line Indigo Pro vape cartridges and disposable WauiStick in assorted indica, sativa, and hybrid flavors. Their selection of strains include OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Golden Goat, New York Sour Diesel, and BubbleGum perfectly cured, retaining potency for the maximum experience. 3D Cannabis Center Salida carries a strong selection of edibles like cookies, candies, Cheeba Chews, and marijuana-infused fruit drinks. 

Service Locations 
3D Cannabis Center Salida sits east on the corner of Rainbow Boulevard right off the highway, across from a Domino’s Pizza between D and E Street. This Salida recreational dispensary offers discounts to veterans, seniors, local, students, and terminally ill patients with proper ID and currently only accepts cash donations with an ATM available on-site. They continue to proudly serve over 200 customers daily attracting connoisseurs from everywhere while focusing on their community of cannabis customers in the areas surrounding Salida, Belleview, Smeltertown, Cleora, Poncha Springs, Wellsville, Swan, Turret, Whitehorn, Mears Junction, and Alder. 

Location Information 
As the most populous city in Chaffee County, Colorado, Salida is home to the largest indoor hot springs in North America. The Salida Hot Springs gathers water from an underground spring roughly eight miles up the road in the high Rocky Mountains and is then piped directly into their pool through insulated pipelines, continuously delivering fresh sparkling, odorless hot water. The Salida Hot Springs Pool is located in the Hot Springs Aquatic Center and is a publicly-operated aquatic facility hosting over a dozen water fitness classes, swimming lessons, and is home to 2 local youth swim teams. Explore more of Salida’s history and culture preserved with significant artifacts and story-telling exhibits at the The Salida Museum known as the “Heart of the Rockies History”. 3D Cannabis Center Salida is honored to continue serving high-quality, premium marijuana products to the community of cannabis connoisseurs in the surrounding Salida areas.

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$5 Prerolls
$25 Eighths
$80 Shake Ounces!
Ounce Specials
$25 Concentrate Specials
Salida, Colorado's #1 Recreational Cannabis Dispensary!


$25 Eighths
Ounce Specials
$25 Gram Shatter & Wax
$ 200 Mix & Match Ounce Specials!
$ 25 1/8ths & $ 180 Ounces
Salida, Colorado's # 1 Recreational Cannabis Dispensary!!

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They carry some of my favorite strains and they are never running out of stock. Would definitely recommend to anyone
Sincere and kind staff. High quality meds. Clean and well organized. Not to mention the decent / fair pricing. Thanks
They could use some work on their selection, otherwise top weed with pretty high THC %

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