La Isla Verde

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About La Isla Verde

The Isla Verde is a private cannabis association. Entry is strictly reserved to members (Spanish ID or Passports). If you have not been previously recommended by a member of the club, your access to it will be denied! New membership will be made only to those over 21 of age recommended by a member of the Isla Verde. We will not attend any visit to the club that has not been previously set with someone in charge, or another member. Email: La Isla Verde es una asociación cannábica privada. La entrada del club es exclusiva para los socios (personas con DNI Español o pasaporte). No se hacen socios nuevos a aquellas personas que no vengan avaladas por alguien que ya es socio de la Isla Verde. Se realizan inscripciones nuevas a personas mayores de 21 años que vengan avalados por alguien que ya esté inscrito en la Isla Verde. No se atienden visitas en la sede de la asociación sin cita previa o con un miembro Email:

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Friendly staff and a nice layout, they offer great discounts for first, second, and third visits. And it smells amazing inside!

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