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About Purexis

Purexis SA is a Swiss company founded in 2011 near Lugano. We operate in the field of nutraceuticals and cosmetics of natural origin. We handle only the best raw materials of certified quality. We offer complete information about our products to customers, professionals and health care facilities. We want customers and professionals in the field of health and wellbeing to possess all the information needed for the safe and effective use of all preparations offered by Purexis SA. Consequences of the scientific research, these are our industrial activities: ▪ Production and sale of semi-finished and finished own brand products – made from raw materials of plant origin – including dietary supplements, herbal blends, superfoods, herbal teas and extracts; ▪ Processing and packaging of products at standard and certified quality; ▪ Import, export and distribution of medicines in the full respect of the GDP; ▪ Constantly updated scientific and clinical documentation.


Monday - Friday closed for lunch from 12:30 - 13:30 General opening hours: Monday to Thursday 08:15 to 17:45 Friday 08:15 to 17:15

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+41 916 046 720

Schedule: Closed now

I was surprised from the first second i walked in. Awesome vibe and i was very pleased with the massive selection. Bit pricey tho...
Great shop, great service and very fast. They were on point and helped me with my tons of questions. Very patient and polite, that's really cute :)

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