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About High Desert Botanicals

We are a locally owned company in beautiful La Pine, Oregon. Here you can expect to find a professional, clean and also a fun environment. We have a variety of topicals, tinctures, edibles, CO2 cartridges, shatter, prerolls, and flower. Open for recreation and medical.



Everyday Deals! Pre-rolls- 3 for $25 Twax pre-rolls- 3 for $50 Wyld: 3 for $7 Squibs- 3 for $50 Taffy- 3 for $45 Cannacorn- 3 for $50 Weekly Deals! 


Monday: Edibles 10% off Tuesday: Topicals 10% off Wednesday:Concentrates 10% off Thursday: Tinctures 10% off Friday: Flower 10% off Saturday: Concentrates 10% off

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Very fast service and people are cool and knowledgeable. Had many questions and they were so patient and cute
Everyone is so awesome and kind. I love shopping here and would rather not go anywhere else. I am always leaving this place happy.
Reasonable prices on products. Great bud tenders super friendly. Good location and safe facility. Check them out!

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