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About Sensible Cannabis Company

Sensible Cannabis Company has a growing selection of Southern Oregon's finest High Grade Sensi, edibles, vape products, concentrates and of all things 4/20. Sensible is "Home of the $4.20gram" and 100% Southern Oregon Grwon, and Owned . If you want to shop where the locals shop and taste the earth where the worlds best Sensimilla is Grown, Sensible is your Spot. Oregon Owned & Oregon Grown!

First timers

First time visit receive 10% off and Sensible celebrates 4/20 everyday with the daily gram for only $4.20!!


$4.20 Top Shelf Gram! 15% veterans discount, Sensible thanks you for your service* 10% industry worker (OLCC marijuana permit) discount

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The customer service was on point! Really laid back and quick to respond, great buds and definitely my go-to dispensary
Great atmosphere, great staff and amazing prices. The variety of meds are definitely the best in town.

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