Denali's Cannabis Cache (Seasonal)

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About Denali's Cannabis Cache (Seasonal)

Denali Cannabis Cache is a Denali Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Seasonal only from May 1st to October 1st Denali Cannabis Cache proudly opens their dispensary doors to the recreational Denali marijuana users 21+. Cannabis consumers will notice the Denali Cannabis Cache’s rustic charm and their commitment to dispensing nothing but top-quality goods. They strive to educate the Denali community on the benefits of cannabis by explaining the purpose of terpenes and dosing recommendations to facilitate the medicating process. Denali Cannabis Cache operates in full compliance with Ballot Measure 8 and welcomes connoisseurs from all over the world to browse through Denali Cannabis Cache’s menu of premium, locally-sourced marijuana products. History With a long history of fascination with cannabis and a belief that it is more than a drug, the founder of Denali Cannabis Cache became intrigued with the holistic healing potential of marijuana more than twenty years ago. He had a few friends who had successfully began their own integrated marijuana business in Colorado, and when legalization got on the Alaska ballot, he decided the time was ripe to open a welcoming marijuana dispensary in Denali. In 2016, Denali Cannabis Cache opened its doors to serve the public by educating their visitors on how to live a richer and more full life with the help of plants as tools for achieving wellness. In their first year, shared their knowledge of cannabis with thousands of visitors from all over the world, who in turn spread their new insight to their family and friends. Staff Denali Cannabis Cache’s unique, rustic feel and friendly atmosphere set it apart not only from other dispensaries in Denali, but other types of shops as well. With a range of high-quality cannabis products including premium strains and freshly baked marijuana-infused edibles, their shop is always smelling wonderful. The Denali dispensary staff is well-informed and knowledgeable about their menu of marijuana products, cannabis customers with questions are invited to stop by Denali Cannabis Cache to enquire with a team member or connect with them via Facebook and Instagram @DenalisCache. Menu Denali Cannabis Cache offers an exclusive menu of high-quality, locally sourced marijuana products. As a conscious company, Denali Cannabis Cache not only values their customers and employees, they also choose cannabis products that are cultivated with the health and wholeness of the planet. Their menu of medical grade indica, sativa, and hybrid strains include Bird Bud, Tangie, MK Ultra, Super Lemon Haze, and Ganja Fire OG, a sativa-dominant strain blasting your taste buds with bursts of tangy lemon flavors. Denali Cannabis Cache offers an assortment of cannabis-infused caramels, chocolate, crispy bars, cookies, and medicated capsules made with THC-infused coconut oil, available in 50mg packages. In addition to their menu of connoisseur quality products, Denali Cannabis Cache also carries high-end vaping tools and Alaska-blown glass. Service Locations Denali Cannabis Cache is a marijuana dispensary catering to recreational users 21+. They are located on Parks Highway and cater to cannabis consumers in Denali, Paxson, Usibelli, Cantwell, and Fairbanks. Denali Cannabis Cache also provides ample parking for their clientele of marijuana users coming from Healy, Anchorage, Delta Junction, and North Pole. Location Information Denali, Alaska is a popular cruise ship and tourist destination for visitors to Alaska during its peak season. The large Denali National Park and Preserve and Denali State Park are enormous woodlands and mountainous areas. Encompassing much of the George Parks Highway, McKinley Park plays home to Denali’s many hotels and lodges, as well as Denali Air Flightseeing Tours, McKinley Creekside Cabins, McKinley National Park Airport, and the Murie Science and Learning Center. No matter the reason for visiting Denali, Alaska, Denali Cannabis Cache ensures any trip is unforgettable.

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Sweet owners and staff, so lucky i found them. A little pricey for my pocket but i am in love with the selection and quality. Shout out to Thomas for his big help and kindness
The staff is friendly and smart, with a great selection of strains. Products are unique and of great quality!! It's really my favorite dispensary in Alaska

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