Knox Medical - Lake Worth (Grand Opening)

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About Knox Medical - Lake Worth (Grand Opening)

Knox Medical is a Lake Worth Medical Marijuana Dispensary Knox Medical is a stellar medical marijuana dispensary serving the medicinal cannabis communities of Lake Worth and its surrounding cities. The cannabis experts at Knox Medical are dedicated to their patient-first philosophy while providing them with the best medical-grade marijuana medications available. Knox Medical has been setting trends and standards across Florida ever since its founding. From doing away with pain to assuaging anxiety and stress, Knox Medical will stop at nothing to help their patients. History: Knox Medical began as a family-owned nursery, Knox Nursery, with traditions rooted in connecting to the community and providing everyone with horticulture of the highest quality. With a solid base of long-lasting customer relationships fostered by their care and the quality of their plants, Knox saw Florida’s Amendment 2 as the perfect opportunity to further their intra-community relationships by stepping up their game and offering safe and holistic medical marijuana. Soon thereafter the state of Florida recognized Knox’s commendable history and granted them one of the few dispensary licenses available. Ever since, Knox Medical has been processing, cultivating, and dispensing premium medical cannabis to residents of Floridian medicinal cannabis communities. Knox’s knowledgeable and compassionate team of experts has since expanded from Orlando to include Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Fort Lauderdale among other locations. Menu: Knox Medical in Lake Worth offers a number of medicinal marijuana treatments including their renowned KNOX brand of THC-loaded or CBD-heavy drops and cartridges. They’ve also got capsules, suppositories, and more stocking their shelves. The premium quality of their products is derived from their relentless effort to surpass every statewide medical marijuana standard in production, extraction, and scientific research. Knox is a trusted name in the Floridian medical marijuana scene. Service Locations: Knox Medical’s Lake Worth location is just an arm of a greater web of Knox Medical medicinal cannabis dispensaries across Florida. The Lake Worth location, in particular, handles patients from West Palm Beach on down through Boynton and Delray Beaches. In fact, if you live in an area around the southern tip of Florida with the word “Beach” in its name, you’re close enough and more than welcome to give Knox Medical a visit. Florida residents living in Boca Raton, Coral Springs—even those out in Wellington and Belle Glade fall within Knox Medical’s wide purview. Location Information: Lake Worth, Florida is a coastal city residing along the eastern edge of the state within Palm Beach County. Colloquially referred to as the Lake Worth Lagoon, this city is home to the Lake Worth Beach and the John Prince Memorial Park, two water-based zones of unabashed fun in the sun. The Lake Worth Playhouse on Lake Avenue hosts some fantastic productions and plays consisting of stellar local talent. Locals also recommend the William O. Lockhart Municipal Pier and Lake Osborne for lengthy, beautiful walks along Florida’s resplendent waters.

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Qualified patients must be listed in the in the Compassionate Use Registry, and Submit a completed application to the Office of Compassionate Use.

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Helpful staff, 2nd time here and already feeling much better and big up for the secured parking. Try Sagitta, it's amazing
Chronic pain problems and i am grateful for what they gave me so far. Thank you.
I am the most exacting customer ever and i must i love my product. Very very satisfied. I always recommended this place and all my friends are satisfied with it. the key is trying not just 1 product but 3 or more....see what suits better your health problem and use it. been to many places but this is by far my fave.
Not recommending their products ! been a big consumer and these products are not good, not satisfied at all
killed my lungs all my life :))) trying to rescue them, totally recommend the vaping concentrates. feeling much better now they can't call me a jackass

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