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About Cht Medical

CHT Medical is a Tallahassee Medical Marijuana Dispensary CHT Medical in Tallahassee strives to be patients’ most-trusted resource for high-quality medical cannabis products, patient-driven advancements and up-to-date research and information in the medical marijuana industry. Creating medical products that provide consistent and efficient results for their patients, CHT dedicates themselves to being a source of cannabis medicine both doctors and patients can trust. History: CHT Medical’s founding team originally began their work in the Horticulture and plant nursery business with their parent company, Chestnut Hill Tree Farm. Founded in 1981, Chestnut Hill Tree Farm boasts over 35 years of growing, cultivating and researching hundreds of plant varieties, including exotic trees, herbs, shrubs and many others not native to Florida. Chestnut Hill Tree Farm closely works with the University of Florida, to develop new fruit and other plant varieties to create exciting and new plants. The CHT Medical branch in Tallahassee builds on their foundation of established success, pairing their expert growing techniques, breeding and cultivation experience to deliver high-quality and innovative cannabis medicines to their patients consistently. Staff: CHT Medical Tallahassee’s goal is to help all patients in Florida alleviate their discomfort, manage their condition and achieve an improved quality of life. CHT Medical’s research and development department always are investigating and innovating new medical marijuana products to find the best methods of treatment and delivery for illnesses. Working using the highest industry standards, their friendly medical marijuana dispensary staff dedicates themselves to educating their Tallahassee patients, helping them enhance their knowledge of their medical marijuana to spread informed and appropriate usage, strain differences and more. Menu: Offering everything from low-THC to full-THC cannabis medicine, CHT Medical carries a range of products suited to many different patient situations. Understanding that cannabis is unfamiliar to many patients, CHT Medical clearly markets their products so patients can learn how they help in various ways. They carry high-CBD oil, Full-THC oils named Elevate, Renew Relieve and Rest for their intended results, as well as different consumption methods such as tinctures, vaporizers capsules and more. All of their extracts are created using cutting-edge CO2 extraction methods and are thoroughly tested before hitting their shelves. Service Locations: Based out of Tallahassee, Florida, CHT Medical’s products will soon be available in dispensaries across the state. Patients in the Tallahassee, Perkins, Capitola, Woodville, Ochlockonee, Midway, Bradfordville, Centerville, Felkel, Lloyd, Cody, Wacissa, Scotland, Havana, Hinson, Meridian, Iamonia, Miccosukee, Alma, Monticello, Drifton, Capps, Wakulla Springs, Newport, Hilliard Ville, Fort Braden, Wetumpka, Quincy, Sawdust, Midway and Greensboro areas will be able to benefit from CHT Medical’s innovative medical marijuana products in early 2017. Location Information: Tallahassee is the capital of Florida, located in the northern part of the state within Leon County. Visitors fly in via the Tallahassee International Airport to visit some cultural and historical attractions, including the Don Veller Seminole Golf Course and Club and Governor’s Park. Florida State University lies in the central area of the city, next to the Mission San Luis de Apalachee and the San Luis Mission Park. The Riley House Museum and the Goodwood Museum and Gardens offer visitors tours of historic houses and gardens, and the Upper Lake Lafayette and Piney Z Lake are tucked in the cities eastern corner. From the Lake Talquin State Forest to the J.R. Alford Greenway, CHT Medical looks forward to serving their Floridian patients.

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So, i do like their meds quite a lot, never running out of stock, tenders are very good as well, but, yes, unfortunately, there is a big but, VERY HIGH PRICES. Would be awesome to do something about that, please.
too pricey... it's a ripoff, you should decide rather you want happy customers or an empty place because everything is so over priced
I have to try more products to see if i wanna go there anymore or not...too pricey and strange flower..

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