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About Montana Organic Medical Supply (M.O.M.S)

M.O.M.S. is a Billings Medical Marijuana Dispensary M.O.M.S is more than a dispensary -- they are a full-scale private health facility that focuses on all aspects of holistic healing. The M.O.M.S. team prioritizes their patients’ lasting wellness and offers the highest level of compassion, knowledge, and products to improve their patient family’s quality of life. History: The founder behind M.O.M.S. began his wellness obsession with fitness more than 30 years ago, first as an athlete and later as a personal trainer. In 2005, the founder was in a car accident, which left him with injuries that required spinal surgery. He luckily discovered medical cannabis as a safe, healthy alternative to the harmful prescriptions pills his doctors wanted him to use. Since discovering medical marijuana, the founder’s dream was to combine top-quality cannabis healing with all things health-related and provide a one-stop-shop for patients to achieve and maintain wellness. A Montana native, Billings fit as the ideal spot, and M.O.M.S. opened its dispensary doors for the first time in 2008. Staff: Holistic healing is M.O.M.S.’ passion, and the entire team is proud to offer a professional, welcoming space for patients to learn about medical cannabis and how to take care of their bodies. M.O.M.S provides plenty of brochures on supplements, exercise, and other health topics while a compassionate team member will troubleshoot with new visitors on their diet, exercise, and prescription regiment. Then, a M.O.M.S team member will discuss what the patient hopes to achieve with medical cannabis and will guide them towards the optimal medicine for their needs. Rather than patching a problem, M.O.M.S addresses the root issue to correct problems traditional medicine cannot fix. Menu: M.O.M.S offers a natural selection of alternative treatments to suit every possible Billings patient need. Their natural alkalized drinking water station is available with a monthly subscription, and they keep an authorized DoTERRA essential oil consultant on staff. M.O.M.S’ cannabis remedies include between 40-50 flower strains that are among the finest in Yellowstone County. The selection of gourmet edibles, tinctures, capsules, and lozenges is ideal for those who prefer not to smoke. Concentrate lovers can browse through high-grade hash, various waxes and shatters, vape pens, and the Clear. M.O.M.S creates all marijuana medicine in-house, with strains like Montana Silvertip, Blue Dream, West Coast Sour Diesel and Super Glue among their patients’ favorites. At this time, M.O.M.S accepts cash only for cannabis payments, though they do allow debit cards for non-medicated purchases. M.O.M.S will gladly assist patients with getting their medical marijuana card, and offers free doctor visits and renewals for seniors, fixed income patients and those with disabilities. The M.O.M.S punch card lets patients earn rewards for their purchases. Service Locations: Based in Billings, Montana, M.O.M.S is easily accessible for patients located up and down the Yellowstone River. Their dispensary facility serves patients from Yegen, Hesper, Mossman, and Laurel with a variety of holistic healthcare. M.O.M.S. takes excellent care of Huntley, Billings Heights, Lockwood and Acton visitors to their store. Residents in Park City, Silesia, Molt and Shepherd, will find natural, effective relief at M.O.M.S. From Columbus to Nibbe and far beyond, all Montana medical marijuana patients have access to M.O.M.S high-quality care. Location Information: Billings is located in southern Montana on the western banks of the Yellowstone River. Sandstone cliffs line the northern side of the city, which hosts a variety of cultural and historical draws. Arriving via the Billings Logan International Airport, tourists explore places like the Pictograph Cave State Park’s painted caves. ZooMontana hosts dozens of animal species such as Siberian tigers and red pandas. Towards the northern side of town, the MetraPark features everything from basketball to concerts.

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