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LeafLine Labs was founded by practicing physicians who see the unnecessary suffering patients endure every day. We are, first and foremost, caregivers who exist to give our patients the quality of life they deserve. * As one of the founding organizations in Minnesota’s medical cannabis program, LeafLine is redefining the industry and setting new standards in medical cannabis products and patient care. From cultivation, to chemistry, to caregiving, the needs of our patients are the driving force behind every decision and action we take. We are, first and foremost, caregivers who exist to give our patients the quality of life that they so deserve. Because at LeafLine Labs, it's: Patients First. Always.

Leafline Labs Leafline Labs was created to ease the unnecessary suffering of Minnesota patients through natural and reliable medical cannabis treatment. Working continuously with the state Department of Health, Leafline Labs in St. Cloud, Minnesota collaborates with doctors and patients to determine how medical marijuana can best ease their symptoms and restore their deserved quality of life. History: The team of doctors who founded Leafline Labs in St. Cloud brings a combined three decades of medical experience to their dispensary and cannabis medicine. Seeing firsthand the shortcomings of modern medical practices and pharmaceutical treatments, they saw medical marijuana as an alternative solution for a broad spectrum of conditions and symptoms. Their vision for Leafline Labs was to bring consistently high-quality and safe medical marijuana to qualifying patients in Minnesota by creating a new healthcare model focusing on bringing doctors and patients together to encourage more compassionate exchanges and relationships. Thanks to the efforts of their team in St. Cloud and across Minnesota, they are now making waves in the cannabis dispensary industry, elevating medical marijuana care to a higher level of clinical care. Staff: Above all else, the team at Leafline Labs’ dispensary are caregivers whose primary focus is to help their patients achieve the health they deserve. Each member of their St. Cloud staff are advocates for their patient’s wellness and are happy to serve as a reliable resource for all things regarding medical cannabis. Leafline’s centers are welcoming and clean, where patients can comfortably relax with access to healthy beverages and snacks in addition to other health-focused resources. New patients each meet a Leafline Labs pharmacist for one-on-one consultations to discuss health history and symptoms and together work with patients and their doctors to find the best medical marijuana solution that fits their needs. Menu: Leafline Labs is focused on offering safe, high-quality and consistent medical marijuana products to their Minnesota patients, with a full range of medical-grade cannabis developed at their cutting-edge manufacturing center in Minnesota. All medicines at their dispensary are categorized into high-THC, equal THC: CBD and high-CBD products, and Leafline pharmacists are available to walk patients through the benefits of each type. With their medicine created with patients in mind, they offer a variety of medical-grade syrups, tinctures. Under-the-tongue sprays and oils for vaporizers, with plans to offer cannabis capsules soon. Every batch of Leafline’s marijuana medicine is extracted with a variety safe and thorough pharmaceutical-grade techniques and methods, and all cannabis is tested for cannabinoid profile, consistency, and cleanliness. Service Locations: Leafline is proud to operate four separate care centers in the state of Minnesota, making their top-quality medical cannabis available to more patients in St. Cloud, Eagan, Saint Paul, and Hibbing. Their primary location in St. Cloud proudly serves patients in the Sauk Rapids, Waite Park, Sartell, Pleasant Lake, Cable, St. Augusta, Rockville, St. Joseph, Collegeville, Clear Lake, Clearwater, Watab, Duelm, Santiago, Rive, Holdingford, Avon, Albany, Richmond, Kimball, Little Falls, Sauk Centre and Cambridge areas. Location Information: Nestled in central Minnesota, St. Cloud is one of the state’s larger cities and the county seat of Stearns County. It is the center of the St. Cloud urban area and home to the St. Cloud State University. The Mississippi River passes through its center, and the Benton County Fair annually gather people across the Benton, Stearns, and Sherburne counties. The Quarry Park Scientific and Natural Area boasts many swimming pools and walking trails, and the River Bluffs Regional Park offers acres of scenic biking paths. The Great River Regional Library makes its home near Lake George in Eastman Park, and the St. Cloud Country Club offers plenty of lush golfing greenery. From Long Lake to Whitney Park, Leafline Labs is proud to serve Minnesotans in need.

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This includes to all of our patients, new and returning! Monthly Disc: receive 15% off when purchasing a months supply of medicine Medical Asst: patients who receive medical asst. (SSI, Medicare Medicaid, etc.) receive 12% off Rewards program (Call in)


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