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About Herbal Healing - River Rouge

-Weekly Monday raffle for your chance to win oils, pens, concentrate, edibles, flower, and accessories. Stop in for details!

-Want a free pre-roll? Stop by in your Herbal Healing t-shirt or hat and we will hook you up :) Want 2 free pre-rolls? Leave us a review about your experience and we will hook you up again!


-Gram/8th/half oz/oz specials on ALL shelves(Look for the star sticker on the jar)

-$25 8th on select $10 strains

-$190 oz's on all $10 strains

-$170 oz's on select $10 strains

-$150 oz's specials

-$50 30G OZ Shake

-3G/$100 on all $20 half gram concentrates

-3G/$120 on all $25 half gram concentrates

-$25 or 6/$100 Chiefin Extracts Carts

-3G/$100 Chiefin Extracts Distillate

-$40 or or 3/$100 on all Clear/Moxie/Claw Carts(Mix & Match on all Clear/Moxie/Claw)

-5G/$100 select shatter

-$15 half G's on select shatter

-$30 1G or 4G/$110 Cali's Finest Shatter

-$30 1G or 4G/$110 Kap'n Kush Shatter/Crumble

-3/$100 Moxie Live Resin (Packages not G's)

-5/$20 Pre-rolls

-3/$25 Premium pre-rolls (Nugs only/Strain specific)

-$20 or 2/$35 Tarantulas

-3G/$100 Moon Rocks

-2/$10 100MG cookies/brownies/treats

-2/$5 20MG cookies/brownies/treats bites

-4/$20 50MG Edible Factory Gummies

-4/$16 100mg Jay's Medz gummies/hard candy/suckers

-4/$20 on Nicely Toasted brownies/cereal treats/cookies

-BOGO on select edibles

*While Supplies Last* ********************************************************************************

Welcome to Herbal Healing! Downriver's first dispensary. You will always be able to find quality medicine in every price range, a large variety of edibles, wax's and accessories. We offer a secure and comfortable environment, convenient parking, and a knowledgable staff of bud tenders to help suit your needs. Stop in today, we would love to see you!



-Automated loyalty point reward program for all members.

-Military veterans and active duty military always receive 10% off entire purchase (Please remind budtenders).

-MMMP Medical Card and valid Michigan photo ID REQUIRED for every visit.

First timers

New patients receive a free pre-roll with donation!

Shop info

(313) 451-8007

Schedule: Closed now

Cheap meds , friendly environment , great staff! What more could you ask for?
There are so many quality products to choose from, good deals and prerolls are on fire. Check this place out!
Great atmosphere I was very impressed on my first visit. The staff was very professional, friendly, and helpful. Keep up the great work!!
Just passing around when i saw this shop. I was very curious. My curiosity was rewarded with great meds and friendly staff. Next time definitely i'll visit their store again. Tks.

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