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At 315 North we strive to provide a unique experience from other centers. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We are happy to answer any questions and set you in the right direction. Don’t want to wait in line?* Make an express order at 315North.com! Express orders must be made at least 15 minutes in an advance. Orders must be picked up no earlier than 10:30 AM and no later than 8:30 PM (No later than 5:30 on Sundays) Arriving after 8:30 (5:30 on Sundays) will result in being checked in the line. We are located at the intersection of Cherry Hill Rd and Inkster Rd in the City of Inkster! One block south of Cherry Hill, east of Inkster Rd. **We do NOT accept paperwork!!! Last NEW patient taken at 8:45pm



 10% off for Vets & Seniors Early Birds! (10am-1pm M-F) Select BOGO 1/2 off on GOLD shelf strains! ($10 a gram buds) Happy Hour! (M-F 1pm-4pm) *Platinum Shelf ($20 a gram buds): 2 For 30 *Gold Shelf ($10 a gram buds): 2 For 15 *Four gram maximum* *Pre Rolls Buy 2 Get 1 Free (*maximum 6 pre rolls. total of 9*) Weekend Deal (10A-1P) *Gold Shelf 3 Grams for $25 No Combining Deals!!

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10% Vets and seniors Free Gift for first time patients!, 10% off your first visit ($100+ Donation) 20% off your second visit if you donated $100 your first visit ($100+ Donation) Leave a review about your visit and get a free gift on your next visit


Early Birds! (10A-1P M-F) Select BOGO 1/2 off on GOLD shelf strains! Happy Hour! (M-F 1P-4P) *Platinum Shelf: 2 For 30 *Gold Shelf: 2 For 15 *Four gram maximum**Pre Rolls Buy 2 Get 1 Free Weekend Deal (10A-1P) Gold Shelf 3 Grams for $25 *Select Strain(s)*

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Pricy but all the clubs raised the prices. Definitely a good high would grab again.
Best price for quality, awesome tasting and smelling bud. Love their happy hour specials.
Excellent quality. Best deal for the money and the staff is amazing Favorite place!
The staff is very friendly and very helpful. Deals are awesome, great menu. I highly suggest if you live near this dispensary you check it out

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