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About Caring Nature, Llc

Caring Nature LLC is a Waterbury Medical Marijuana Dispensary Caring Nature LLC aims to improve the quality of life for the residents of Waterbury and its neighboring cities by providing its patients and caregivers with the highest quality medical marijuana products. The Caring Nature dispensary team is excited to bring this new organic healthcare option to those residing in the Greater Waterbury area through naturally cultivated medical cannabis treatments and personable, caring patient-first customer service. Quality of life is important to Caring Nature and its highly experienced dispensary and pharmaceutical staff. Caring Nature has dedicated itself to wellness and holistic well-being by stepping into the burgeoning medical marijuana industry to offer safe and convenient palliative treatments ranging from flower to edibles, concentrates, topicals and vape cartridges. Bringing a new option in healthcare to the Greater Waterbury area, one that can relieve, comfort and improve your quality of life. Individualized treatments from a local pharmacist with more than 20 years of experience. History: Caring Nature LLC came about as a direct response to two individual’s empirical experiences as traditional pharmacists. The traditional pharmaceutical model calls for patients to chug their way to the bottom of pill bottle after pill bottle while hopefully surviving the litany of side effects, many of which demand attention from still more pharmaceuticals. Once Connecticut legalized the medicinal administration of cannabis treatments, the pharmacists behind Caring Nature braved the new world of medical cannabis to provide effective and safe alternative palliative options to their fellow Connecticuters. Medical marijuana’s predictable, and oftentimes desirable, side effects like hunger or smiles outweighed things like, say, renal failure or acid reflux. When the happiness and well-being of your patients is of the utmost importance, the choice is obvious. Staff: Caring Nature LLC is owned and operated by locally experienced dispensary pharmacists with several decades’ worth of pharmaceutical experience. The pharmacists of Caring Nature set out to provide the patients of the Greater Waterbury area with safe and convenient access to Connecticut’s medical marijuana program. Their early work as dispensary pharmacists during the beginning stages of Connecticut’s medical marijuana legalization proved to them just how effective these treatments could be. The comfort and relief that medical marijuana provided its patients was stunning. So effective were these treatments, in fact, that they decided to strike out on on their own to found Caring Nature LLC to provide more Connecticuters with these new and compelling quality-of-life cannabis treatments. Menu: Caring Nature offers the highest quality medical marijuana treatments ranging from flowers to oral medications, concentrates, topicals, and even edibles. With their patients’ well-being first on their minds, the pharmacists of Caring Nature will stop at nothing to provide the Greater Waterbury area with top-tier, locally sourced quality product like CT Pharmaceutical Solutions or Curaleaf and Advanced Grow Labs. Convenience is important, too! This is why Caring Nature offers its patients the ability to pre-order their treatments through their online portal or over the phone. Seniors over the age of 65 and veterans alike receive a 10% discount on all medicines as well. In the unlikely case that a patient cannot find what he or she is looking for at Caring Nature, their staff will scour the Connecticut area in order to stock their shelves to suit their patients’ needs. Service Locations: Caring Nature LLC serves the Greater Waterbury area of Connecticut. From Southbury to Middlebury and even Woodbury--heck, if you live in a “bury” anywhere in Connecticut, Caring Nature will welcome you with open arms. Their medical marijuana products are made available to every resident from Thomaston to Bristol and New Britain; Naugatuck and Cheshire residents are more than welcome to explore Caring Nature’s medical cannabis offerings as well. Location Information: Waterbury sits just southwest of Hartford along the banks Connecticut’s Naugatuck River. Nicknamed “The Brass City,” Waterbury is home to brassware production history. The local Brass Works Brewing Company took Waterbury’s 20th-century brassware production pedigree and revamped it to produce outstanding and critically acclaimed beer. Waterbury is also known for Fascia’s Chocolates, a local chocolatier that’s found statewide renown for its quality and taste. Other noteworthy attractions include the Seven Angels Theatre, where one can catch varied standout performances, and the Mattatuck Museum of Arts and History Center which boasts an extensive and in-depth history of the Greater Waterbury area.

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Good place!! They're remarkably friendly and helpful with huge variety and great products for any budget
I am a repeat customer here because the quality is amazing.

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