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About Sol De Mendocino / Love In It

Sol de Mendocino / Love In It Provides Safe Access to the finest organic sun grown Mendocino County cannabis. Also concentrates, edibles, tinctures and topical medicines for patients with Valid ID and Prescriptions. Open from 11am until 6 pm, 7 Days a Week Located on Lansing Street up the stairs across from the Fire House in Mendocino. For information call (707) 937 - 3123



Our Mission: To provide a safe place for patients to feel honored and cared for. To preserve the safety, tranquility and cleanliness of our neighborhood. To create an environment of quality medical care, integrity and kindness that will be felt by all. Rules 1. Only legally qualified patients and caregivers may register as members of Love In It. 2. Prior to registering, all clients must participate in a brief orientation and provide verified identification. 3. Clients may register using only their identification number however Love In It encourages clients to provide both their name and contact information 4. Members must bring a valid ID and medical documentation every time they visit LIIC. 5. Members are limited to two visits per day. 6. No loud music, unattended barking dogs, or other disturbances to our neighborhood. 7. Re-sale of medicine is sale violations will result in an immediate suspension from LIIC. 8. Loitering and/or littering in our neighborhood are prohibited. 9. Clients may purchase medicine only for their use, or in the event that they are a caregiver, only for their patient's use. Purchases of quantities that exceed those of personal use are prohibited. Our baseline limit is 2oz/week, which can be increased upon approval. No weapons are allowed at Love In It Co operative. 10 .No one under 18 allowed without permission of a parent or legal guardian 11. No audio, video or photographic recording is permitted in order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all patients. 12. No cell phone usage is permitted. 13. All members and staff are to treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times. Threatening, abusive, or disrespectful behavior is strictly prohibited.

First timers

First time patients receive a free pre-roll from Love in It and something to light it with - a really cool love In it Bic lighter w/ qualified purchase. 


Shelf of Wonders, $6 GRAMS $21 EIGHTHS and $42 QUARTERS on select varieties. Indoor & Light ep on sale for $25 an eigth & $50 a quarter - GG#4, Blue Diesel, Chem Dawg $4, Cherry Kush, Headband & Sour Diesel.

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Chill tenders and fire meds. Awesome pricing and quality bud, exceptional. Definitely recommend.
It's a small but clean and nice dispensary, they have so many products to choose from, never running out of stock. Crew is very honest and intelligent. Great experience!!
One of my favorite shops on the coast heaven place lol. very friendly and knowledgeable staff. best green !!! try it you won't regret it

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