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Dr. rec still required!!!!



                                            **** PREVERIFICATION REQUIRED ****

Send a picture of your rec and ID to the number for preverification and address will be text back to you once verified.

New Patients 5 Gram 1/8ths!

Returning Patients 4 Gram 1/8ths ALL DAY on ALL strains! Come get faded at the Barbershop. Top quality indoor grown flowers at the low!

Edible Mon-10% off

2for Tues-2for Vapes

Wax Weds-10% off wax

Thirsty Thurs- 10% off Drinks

Flashback Fri-U CHOOSE

First timers

5 Gram 1/8ths for all new patients!


$5 off cartridges or concentrates! Please send picture of rec and Id to the shop number for preverification. Once verified address will be sent back to you.


Weekly Raffles with donations of $25 or more!

 Edible Monday-10% off

2for Tues-2for on Vapes

Wax Weds-10% off wax

Thirsty Thurs- 10% off Drinks

Flashback Fri-YOU CHOOSE

Schedule: Closed now

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Bringing you award winning products at compassionate prices. Free gram for First Time Patients. Veteran's receive $10 off every $50! $40 Min We are...


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WE NOW HAVE TWO NEW NUMBERS! FEEL FREE TO CALL EITHER ONE. NOW ACCEPTING TEXT!!!! 626-820-2548 - 626-414-7499 $20 Minimum for delivery! First Time P...


Best Remedy

*NUG RUN WAX - 2G @ 60 - 5G @ 120 *TRIM RUN WAX - 2G @ 50 - 5G @ 100 *BATMAN OG - 5G @ 45- 10G @ 80- 1/2 @ 110- OZ @ 200


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Quite a drive from my home, but with what they advertised on insta I though it would definetely be worth it. Place is pretty neat and the folks are cool and all. But why in the world they advertise a special today only to be out of stock by noon, I don't get it. Makes me feel like they just tryna get us in the store imagining since we're there we might as well buy something anyways... Truth is, I did get an 8th and got a free preroll, can't complain about that. Can't say I will drive all this way again for any of their "limited" specials tho, I am a bit disappointed.
fire was, fire buds can't get enough!!! 2 thumbs up

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