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About Medical Marijuana Evaluations Fullerton and Anaheim

The new marijuana law does not take effect until 2018, dont get caught without a recommendation! The prices for marijuana without a rec in 2018 will be double, versus having a recommendation, the prices will remain the same. Now offering 2 year recs! ***BEWARE OF THE ONLINE REC SITES. PATIENTS ARE COMING TO US WITH THE RECS SAYING DISPENSARIES WONT ACCEPT THEM, IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO ONLINE** Our reviews speak for itself. Highest rated office in Orange County! Cheapest 1 year Evaluation within Orange County GUARANTEED. Don't waste your time going to bait and switch doctors. **DIRECTIONS** Once you enter the building through the wells fargo side, come through the double doors, the very first door on left will say 190 CrossRoads mini suites. Enter through there and come to suite K. Medical Marijuana Evaluations Fullerton and Anaheim Medical Marijuana Evaluations stands proud as one of the highest rated medical marijuana doctors

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2 year recs now offered!! Dont get caught without a rec, huge fines are given to patients without them. The new law hasn't taken effect yet!

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$19.99 is the LOWEST PRICE IN CALIFORNIA - GUARANTEED! WeedRecs works with the best doctors, no waiting rooms, and no extra add-ons to rip you off.......

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If you would like to download our App and see the doctor, go the Google Play or iTunes store and search for 420recs. PRINT OUT YOUR LETTER IMMEDIATEL...


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Our goal here at Dr's Note is to offer a stress-free, positive environment where patients in need of medical marijuana can receive a cost efficient, e...


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