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Marijuana Doctor now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Clearwater 

The Marijuana Doctor is proud to offer medical marijuana certifications to those in need throughout Clearwater, Florida. Each team member at Marijuana Doctor abides by a patient-first philosophy that includes cannabis education. They understand how overwhelming medical marijuana choices can be, so they educate their patients about cannabis and its effects regarding qualifying conditions 

Each member of the Marijuana Doctor team in Clearwater has seen patients, family members, and friends fall to opioids and other pharmaceuticals. The motivation behind Marijuana Doctor is resounding and deep; by expanding their services to Clearwater, they can heal more people, rescuing them from the depths of their chronic conditions. Medical marijuana is a potently healthful solution to many chronic ailments including insomnia and chronic pain and stress — it can even combat appetite loss. By helping the cannabis communities of Clearwater, Marijuana Doctor has set out to make the grass a little greener in Florida. And they’re succeeding, one patient at a time. 

Marijuana Doctor’s clinic has streamlined the medical marijuana recommendation process by combining a brick and mortar clinic with a robust online portal to provide patients with multiple methods of access. They also act in full compliance with HIPAA standards and regulations, which means that their patient information is fully encrypted to protect it. With open arms and warm smiles, the Marijuana Doctor welcomes its Clearwater patients. 

Local Legislation: 
Medical cannabis legislation in Florida is determined by the state’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use. Also, patients must register with this office to receive Registry ID cards which allow them legal access to their cannabis treatments statewide. Also, Clearwater patients take note: patients no longer need to maintain a bona fide relationship with a medical professional for at least 90 days before acquiring a cannabis certification. 

The process of finding a medical marijuana certification through this clinic is quick and simple for Clearwater patients. First, potential patients must call Marijuana Doctor to schedule a consultation where a state-certified cannabis physician will assess qualified patients with medical cannabis certifications. To finish the procedure, patients must then register with Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use to obtain their Registry ID cards, which allow patients legal access to their cannabis treatments across the state. 

Service Locations: 
From Dunedin to Largo, Marijuana Doctor treats each of its Florida patients with respect and care. Patients drive in from as far as Palm Harbor to access Marijuana Doctor’s compassionate care in Clearwater. This clinic’s convenient location along US Highway 19 North allows patients from all over the county to begin their journeys toward healthier lifestyles. 

Location Information: 
Residents and tourists of Clearwater absolutely must visit the Clearwater Beach. As one of Florida’s most idyllic beaches, this stretch of shoreline offers its visitors an endless stretch of comfortably warm and white sand lined by shallow, clear water. This beach belongs on magazine covers. For more in-depth oceanic experience, Clearwater’s Marine Aquarium along Windward Passage provides its visitors with marine life education. As a non-profit organization geared toward the rescue, research, and rehabilitation of marine life, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium stands tall as beacon of oceanic hope.

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