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Greenpath Holistic Medicine now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Huntington Woods

Residents of Michigan living in Huntington Woods may now access a truly compassionate and caring medical marijuana recommendation service through Greenpath Holistic Medicine. Located conveniently on the western side of Woodward Avenue, just two blocks south of 11 Mile, Greenpath Holistic Medicine specializes in patient-first accommodation and care.

Hailing from the Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr. David Schulman excelled as a cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon in the metropolitan area of Detroit for 25 years. Unfortunately, carpal tunnel prevented him from continuing his surgical practice. However, decades of medical experience revealed to him that narcotics are part of the problem of chronic illness and that, in fact, cannabis may well be part of the solution. Instead of hanging up his coat and stethoscope, Dr. Schulman decided to champion medical cannabis as an alternative pathway to healthier living. He would help people heal, regardless of his affliction. And yet further, he even offers his patients at Greenpath Holistic Medicine osteopathic manipulative therapy, or hands-on care, to diagnose, treat, and prevent injury.

As the head of the phenomenally compassionate Greenpath Holistic Medicine in Huntington Woods, Dr. Schulman assists his patients throughout the recommendation process.Should patients need help requesting relevant medical documentation that describes their chronic conditions, Greenpath Holistic Medicine can make those document requests on their behalf. Even further, Greenpath Holistic will mail the completed and compiled documentation off to LARA, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program, to ensure patients receive their registry ID cards.

Michigan residents in search of a compassionate and empathetic cannabis doctor are in luck: Dr. Schulman’s Greenpath Holistic Medicine in Huntington Woods is now accepting appointments.

Local Legislation:
Medical marijuana legislation in Michigan states that prospective patients must suffer from a chronic ailment in order to qualify for cannabis use. Patients must also register with LARA’s Medical Marihuana Program in order to receive registry ID cards which allow legal access to dispensaries statewide. Fortunately, Greenpath Holistic Medicine provides state registration for its patients in Huntington Woods.

Dr. Schulman’s steadfast dedication to helping people has streamlined the procedure for acquiring a medical marijuana card in Michigan. First, patients should contact Greenpath Holistic in Huntington Woods to schedule an appointment. Once patients have consulted with a Greenpath Holistic state-approved cannabis doctor to determine their eligibility for cannabis use, Greenpath Holistic will assist patients with their LARA paperwork. Once filed, patients need only wait for their registry ID cards to arrive in the mail shortly thereafter. With a registry ID card in hand, patients may then access dispensaries throughout the state.

Service Locations:
Greenpath Holistic Medicine proudly serves Huntington Woods and surrounding cities including Royal Oak, Southfield, and even Birmingham. Residents of Michigan living in Madison Heights or Ferndale can now find a compassionate ear at Greenpath Holistic. Instead of fighting traffic along I-696 or I-75, prospective patients can take advantage of Greenpath Holistic’s convenient location just off of Woodward Avenue to begin their state-issued medical cannabis ID card process. Helpful, understanding, and heartfelt, Greenpath Holistic has opened its doors to any patient who may be interested in pursuing an alternative form of treatment for their chronic ailments.

Location Information:
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