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MORE with Doc C now offers Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Cumberland


Maryland residents who have been seeking alternative means to achieve healthier and happier living can now acquire medical marijuana recommendations through MORE with Doc C in Cumberland. This phenomenal clinic revolves around its patients. Each is treated respectfully and on an individualized basis, resulting in more effective and thorough care.


Mary Jo Cannon, MD, heads the medical team at MORE with Doc C in Cumberland. With more than 40 years in behavioral, mental health, and emergency medicines, Dr. Cannon stands as a beacon of hope for the people of Cumberland. She has become well known throughout the community and is held in very high regard. Her medical knowledge and ability to work with patients on a personal level makes MORE with Doc C the go-to spot for medical marijuana recommendations in Cumberland. Dr. Cannon founded MORE with Doc C to provide help and hope for those in need all across the state. As mounting medical and anecdotal evidence suggests, medical marijuana is an effective and safe “exit” drug for those imprisoned by opiate abuse. With just one visit or one phone call, Dr. Cannon and her staff can help you begin your journey toward balance and wellness.


Dr. Cannon also empowers her patients with medical marijuana education. She teaches her patients about cannabis cultivars, legislation, and modes of administration so patients are not overwhelmed by the vast selection of treatments made available to them. For excellent care at the compassionate hands of a medical leader, choose MORE with Doc C in Cumberland.


Local Legislation:

Laws regarding medical marijuana in Cumberland state that patients must suffer from a debilitating condition including nausea, severe or chronic pain, appetite loss, and chronic migraines among others. To learn whether you qualify for medical marijuana use, contact MORE with Doc C today.



To obtain a medical marijuana recommendation through MORE with Doc C in Cumberland, patients are first encouraged to gather medical documentation describing their chronic conditions. Patients then need to contact MORE with Doc C to schedule an appointment where Dr. Cannon or another state-certified medical marijuana doctor will assess qualified patients with medical marijuana recommendations. To complete the process, patients also need to register with Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Cannabis Commission, or the MMCC, in order to acquire a registry ID card. Once patients have a recommendation and a registry ID card, they may then purchase their cannabis treatments legally across the state.


Service Locations:

MORE with Doc C is proud to serve all of Hagerstown from La Vale and Narrows Park to the length of Williams Street and everywhere in between. This clinic welcomes any and all prospective patients from across Maryland to schedule an appointment for medical marijuana recommendations, renewals, and education. For phenomenal care at the hands of some of the east coast’s leading experts, choose MORE with Doc C.


Location Information:

Cumberland residents frequent the Great Allegheny Passage Trail, a wonderfully scenic path that weaves along the Eastern Continental Divide. This trail is perfect for afternoon walks, runs, or even exploration. And if you’re searching for Cumberland’s best Italian, try the Ristorante Ottaviani off of North Center Street. Their spumoni, cioppino, and cacciatore deserve special mention.

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