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About Green Health Docs Rockville

Green Health Docs is Maryland's premier medical marijuana evaluation center. With a heavy focus on patient education, Green Health Docs separates itself from the handful of other cannabis providers. Patients will be helped with registration with the MMCC, certification by a licensed cannabis provider, and education both during their visit and ongoing with our weekly educational seminars at the clinics. Located in Rockville, MD, this clinic serves both in-state and out-of-state patients.



Green Health Docs is a Rockville Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center

Green Health Docs are pleased to offer Rockville, Maryland patients medical marijuana evaluations from doctors that specialize in pain medicine. The Green Health Docs - Rockville is a cannabis evaluation center dedicated to delivering aid from beginning to end. Rockville and surrounding area residents in need of holistic pain management have the chance to connect with a compassionate certifying physician at Green Health Docs. Their caring cannabis doctor staff spends as much time needed on the phone or in person with their cannabis patients. And their certifying physicians educate their patients on all they’ll need to know about medicating with marijuana and what is allowed in their state. Green Health Docs are proud to offer Rockville, and patients throughout Montgomery County safe, professional evaluations. 

Green Health Docs are pleased to bring comprehensive medical cannabis service to their medical marijuana patients, walking them through submitting an application to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. From there, an experienced certified doctor will review the conditions of their patient’s ailment and determine if medical cannabis is a proper form of treatment. Any patient of Green Health Docs is welcomed to call their center at any time with questions or to clarify information. Green Health Docs also offer free weekly education seminars and patients are invited to check in as needed. 

Local Legislation
The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) is the agency responsible for regulating medical marijuana for the state. The MMCC outlines the Maryland Medical Cannabis Laws and keeps their site updated with all final regulations. The law protects Maryland patients that have submitted an application to the MMCC and have a written certification from a qualifying provider from laws that prohibit the possession and use of medical cannabis. 

Service Locations
Green Health Docs are happy to offer their medical cannabis services to patients throughout Montgomery County. Those in Rockville Town Square, New Mark Commons, or Woodley Gardens can have their medical marijuana evaluation at Green Health Docs. Folks that reside in West End Park, Carlin or Westmore, are invited to connect with a certifying cannabis physician at this medical marijuana evaluation center. Green Health Docs offers the same high-quality service for those from West Virginia, allowing them to have access to medical cannabis before their state program is established. 

Location Information
Rockville, Maryland is centrally located in Montgomery County and forms a portion of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Rockville offers up pleasant nature trails and outdoor experiences such as Rock Creek, a park that offers up deer filled hiking and running trails. Patowmack Canal is comprised of a series of five different canals throughout Maryland and Virginia. Rock Creek Regional Park is a lakeside parkland with several hiking trails and wildlife watching.

First timers

Initial Visit Cost $200 - This includes all educational sessions, certification, and help with registration.
Initial Visit Cost for Veterans = $170. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!
Annual Renewal Visits Cost $150.

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