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About Advanced Green Doc Rockville

Advanced Green Doc provides Medical Marijuana Certification in Rockville


Maryland residents seeking health and balance in life can now acquire medical marijuana recommendations from Advanced Green Doc in Rockville. Advanced Green Doc’s phenomenal staff treats its patients with respect, compassion, and discretion. Each staff member firmly believes in assisting those in need and medical marijuana is an effective alternative for many who haven’t found relief through modern medicine.


Rockville’s Advanced Green Doc also provides its patients with important cannabis information that includes education about its cultivars, legislation, and modes of administration. The seasoned folks at Advanced Green Doc know patients empowered with medical cannabis knowledge can make healthier choices for themselves moving forward. Advanced Green Doc’s staff also proudly serves as a unified front against the opiate epidemic sweeping the country. And as clinical trials have begun to suggest, medical marijuana serves as an incredibly potent “exit” drug, helping to free people from opioid abuse and misuse.


The staff at Advanced Green Doc in Rockville will also go above and beyond for its patients by assisting them through the entire evaluation process, from requesting medical records to registering with Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Commission. And finally, Advanced Green Doc offers medical marijuana recommendations for caregivers, too!



The process for acquiring a medical marijuana recommendation through Advanced Green Doc in Rockville is streamlined for prospective patients. Patients must first register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, or the MMCC, online before scheduling an appointment with a state-certified evaluation clinic. Advanced Green Doc is happy to help prospective patients through this process should they need it. Once registration with the MMCC is complete, patients must then contact Advanced Green Doc to schedule a consultation with a state-certified marijuana doctor who will assess qualified patients with medical marijuana recommendations. When patients have completed MMCC registration and have obtained a recommendation, they may then purchase treatments across the state.


Local Legislation:

Medical marijuana legislation in Maryland requires that patients suffer from a specific list of chronic conditions including muscle spasms, nausea, appetite loss, and severe pain, among others. To learn whether you qualify for cannabis use, contact Advanced Green Doc in Rockville today.


Service Locations:

Advanced Green Doc’s reach extends from Derwood to North Bethesda. Patients living anywhere in Rockville now have access to this clinic’s phenomenal services. From Gaithersburg to Silver Spring, Advanced Green Doc stands tall not just as one of Maryland’s most compassionate and respectful evaluation services, but as a beacon of hope in Rockville.


Location Information:

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First timers

First-Time Patients

Make an appointment for evaluation in Rockville or Chevy Chase in our Private, Safe and Confidential Dr's office. We guide you through the MMCC registration process in less than 30 minutes. Bring drivers license or passport, we will obtain your medical report of chronic condition, certify you and you will have your Card in about a week! Learn from us about strains and legal issues. First time evaluation $200. Renewal in one year $150. If you are unable travel we offer a Concierge for Patients Program  (on-site visit with you) for an additional $50.


Your Cannabis Card becomes active on the day the Dispensaries open! The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) is responsible for regulating medical cannibus for the State Of Maryland. Visit the MMCC site to learn about the laws governing cannabis. Maryland law protects patients who are in possession of medical marijuana after successfully registering with the MMCC. Patients are additionally protected upon receiving written Certification from Dr Cohen who is a qualifying provider with MMCC.

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